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Immediately Increase Sales Closing On Your Whatsapp Funnel More. Increase Your Prospect List of Prospective Buyers, Educate Them, Send Promotions and Automatic Follow Ups To Them Right Now.

With this WaSender, your Customer/Buyer Database is Safe. Because It's On Your Own Laptop or PC

Why Whatsapp :

According to a survey, 80% of Indonesian online shoppers are more comfortable doing transactions by directly contacting the seller via chat applications via WhatsApp , FB Messenger, Telegram, Line, etc.

With more than 4.95 billion Internet users worldwide and 204.7 million+ users in Indonesia, WhatsApp is a Mandatory Application on almost all smartphones.

*The results of the 2022 survey show that until February 2022, Mobile App Users in Indonesia have reached 195.3 million and are active on social media 191.4 million, with an average usage of 4-8 hours per day, and WhatsApp is the most popular social media application, the most many installed and the most active users in the first place in Indonesia, surpassing Youtube, Instagram and Facebook
Of the 195.3 million+ mobile app users, 61.8% are social media chat enthusiasts. An interesting fact is that only 21.8% of them are comfortable & used to shopping on shopping cart-based e-commerce sites such as tokopedia, Bukalapak, blibli, etc.
The remaining 78.2%, are still not used to shopping online using the ‘shopping cart’ system. The majority of Indonesian netizens prefer to shop through chat because it is more trusted, easy to access, simple, and sometimes they do know the seller.
From the factual data above, it’s not surprising that your target market must also be there, and you are obliged to seriously process the sales funnel on Whatsapp so that turnover is even more maximized.

This is the Good for Your Business ?

Big Potential Buyers

Lets you no longer have trouble finding potential buyers in this big whatsapp user

Almost Free Promotion

WhatsApp is a free application, so promotion with it is almost free, you only need a data plan

High Open Rate

The open rate is very high compared to other delivery platforms like email and messaging

Buyer Prospect Pool

In Indonesia, Whatsapp has become a mainstay weapon. Good for collecting leads, sharing, and closing. This is certainly interesting, because it has become a culture in Indonesia to chat before selling.

Best Closing Place

In Indonesia, Whatsapp is the best closing place, because buyers feel trust & sure, feel comfortable, easy and safe to make sales transactions, because via chat is also a means to confirm payments and complaints.

Business Multi Platform Chat

Whatsapp is not only for mobile devices, but also web and desktop. That is, it will make it easier for the user. and in the future WhatsApp will be integrated with Facebook and Instagram (source: idntimes )

Unfortunately, there is a big problem that almost all whatsapp users experience for business

Start Now, Leave Your Manual Way

These are the tools with long research and experience to give birth to amazing features


(One Time Pay No Annual Fee)

Windows desktop PC/Laptop-based software that is used to collect customer databases, send promotional messages, mass follow-ups and auto replies to potential buyers and your customers via Whatsapp chat with one scan, support wa multi devices & multiple accounts.

What you can maximize with this tool

Here are the best features of this tool


This latest Wasender already supports multi-device, so it's very easy for your CS/CRM team without connecting to your cellphone continuously, just connect to your PC/laptop once in a scan.

Safe Mode

You Can Send Promotional / Follow Up messages with two modes, namely the fast Free Mode and the Safe Save Mode without worrying about your Whatsapp account being blocked.

Fast filtering

Filter active whatsapp numbers from the contact list and the list of cellphone numbers you have quickly and directly send your follow-up or promotional messages

Auto Reply Bot

This very powerful feature will make it very easy for you to automatically reply to incoming messages according to the flow you designed to the purchase transfer process

User Friendly Interface

Powerful cloud-based engine

Multiple messaging mode

Import and export WA contact files

Grab Number Wa Group

Can post to many groups

Fast Auto Reply Bot

we can arrange auto reply freely

Filter WA numbers quickly

Multi Language namely (Indo & Eng)

variables, SpinTags and random tags

scheduled message delivery

Delivery Support multimedia files

multimedia files Setting random delay between messages


Creating a Catalog

Can Send Button

Account Engagement

multi-account support

Here are the benefits of these tools for your business :

What are you waiting for, immediately use this powerful tool in your business right now

Has Been Used By :

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For You

Those who want to increase sales turnover whatever you want with a minimal marketing budget

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Bonus #1

Bonus 7 ppt video templates to design your product promotional videos, which are ready for you to use for the best promotional materials, just edit with power point and ready to send with WaSender to your customers.

Bonus #2

Get 8 social story design templates as your promotional media, suitable for status updates on WA, very easy for you to edit yourself because you only use power point

Bonus #3

We have prepared 12 power point design templates for discount info when flashing with WaSender later so that your discount offer will increase your sales even more.

Bonus #4

There are 18 product design templates that are ready to be used for your best product promotion materials, just edit with power point and ready to send with WaSender to your customers.

Bonus #5 - The Cheapest & Most Complete Database Supplier/Wholesale in Indonesia, Worth IDR 450.000

For those of you who just want to start an online business and want to find suppliers with the cheapest and most complete prices for all types of products throughout Indonesia or for those of you who want to add products to their sales, “Indonesia’s Complete Supplier Database” is the solution.

Bonus #6
20,000 WA Group Link Potential Indonesian Market Worth IDR 800,000

You are confused about where to find a market / WA contact from where?, calm down, I have prepared 20K Potential Groups that are ready for you to acquire and educate then sell your products to get maximum profit.

Bonus #7
Millions Whatsapp Numbers + Indonesian Numbers Worth 2,750,000

EDANN.. I’ve given you the contact list of Millions of Indonesian Whatsapp Numbers, but remember to sell elegantly, play a good funneling process, make your market temperature traffic. here you can not force the customer. sell products that provide solutions and benefits for these large potential buyers. and comply with applicable laws.

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you will get worth
IDR 4,862,000

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( We are waiting in the member area to download the Tools & Bonuses )
Windows PC desktop-based software that is used to send promotional messages, mass follow-ups and auto replies automatically to your customers and potential buyers via Whatsapp with one scan
This WaSender tool is made with a user friendly interface (very easy to use) so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it, and you can ask any time with our team until you can.
After you successfully make a purchase, then you immediately install it on your Windows PC (spec ram 4gb, proc Intel/amd, minimum windows 10, google chrome browser) do the install and you can run it immediately. (cannot be used on HP & Tablet) In the Member Area we will also provide a Video Guide that you can learn
Lifetime service is an impossible service, but here we have a one-time payment package, so you can use it without the need for a monthly/annual renewal fee, but of course as long as Whatsapp policy still allows us to unite the wasender tool according to whatsapp rules for the development of this tool so that it can continue to function.
Even though WaSender is equipped with anti-block and anti-banned features that are quite complete and safe. But there are no 3rd party tools that are 100% safe from banned Whatsapp. We advise you not to use a private WhatsApp number and use a number that is ready to accept the risk of being banned from WhatsApp. If you intend to send a message to a foreign number or person who does not expect to receive a message from you, unless it is a list of consumers / customers with whom you have previously interacted. However, sending bulk messages to foreign numbers is not an activity that WhatsApp fully permits. All risks that arise during use are the responsibility of each user.
If WaSender can’t be run at all and all of its features don’t work at all, we will refund you 100% if after our support team also fails to help you. The terms of the money back guarantee are a maximum of 7 days after the date of product purchase.
WaSender can only be installed on 1 (one) PC/Laptop, you can make another purchase to get an additional license.
For minor updates there is no additional cost and you can directly download it in the member area and request a license back to our admin according to the license you purchased
Assistance can be done every day during working hours and during breaks outside if we are not busy. Please click the ” Support ” menu at the top right on this page, please repeat the chat once more if we haven’t replied.
By using these tools we do not guarantee instant business success. Your business is, of course, influenced by many factors. What we can guarantee is software that runs smoothly, maximum support, and updates to the latest features to help you do WhatsApp Marketing faster and easier.

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